Marbella Monuments

The town of Marbella is home to a number of monuments reminiscent of events of great significance to the people of Marbella. To them, the monuments are also an appreciation of talent amongst the artistic members of the society.

Old Town of Marbella

An excursion to view some of Marbella’s monuments begins in the Old Town of Marbella. Here you will come across the Casco Antiguo. The monumental town of Casco Antiguo dates back to the sixteenth century. Not much has changed in the town. The town is conservative of the historic past of Marbella. Owing to this fact, the town has become a melting pot for both local and foreign sightseers.

The Old Fortress of Marbella

The ruins of the castle of Marbella are within the reach of the historic hub of the town of Marbella at the Orange Square. The castle was utilised during the reign of the Moors, through which Marbella acted the role of the administrative centre of the Moorish Kingdom. It was also a highly guarded residence for the royalties.

The ancient hamlet of Rio Verde

The village was the residence of the ancient civilisations of the Romans. The ruins vakantievilla spanje of the village were first discovered during the eighteenth century. Later on in the year 1960, Carlos Posac and Fernando Alcala Marin, both of whom were renowned archaeologists uncovered untouched artefacts belonging to the castle.

The Incarnation

This is a popular church next to Orange quarter located at the core of Marbella’s old town. It is located in a square that features as the most stunning among town squares. Initially built in the year 1618, the new-fangled building was finished by Salvador Gavez in the year 1756 whilst Pedro Del Castillo carved the main facade of the convent.

The Museum of Spanish designs

Since its inauguration, the museum has stood the test of time to be home to works of artistic talent in Marbella. Furthermore, it has been a determinant of the Spanish Contemporary significance prints. It is characterised by numerous displays of famous artists; for instance Goya, Eduardo Chillida, Joan Miro and Picasso just to mention a few.

The Vega Del Mar Cathedral

Located in San Pendro de Alcantara town, this is a visigothic building dating back to the 6th Century. It is found among a number of convents but stands out from the rest due to its duo of apses, each opposite to east and west. Say the Basilica for example, it is enclosed by a cemetery and this was realised in the earlier years of the century. It is Spain’s largely vital Paelolithic era.

The excavations that followed led to the discovery of a range of artefacts accessible in museum facilities in the regions of Marbella, Malaga and Madrid.

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Excursions through Marbella

Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus is positioned in the west to Marbella before San Pedro de Alcantara. Spoil yourself at the restaurants as you enjoy the magnificent vessels. It is almost perfectly arranged, with the striking mountain background and the calm ocean.

Founded forty years back, the growth is immense at the port characterised by modern shopping, entertainment and Corte Ingle department store and marine observatory.
The nights are extremely lively due to many piano clubs, alfresco bars and discos. Indulge in shopping during the day at the famous fashion houses and smaller fascinating shops and boutiques.

If you are interested in seeing the port’s beauty from above, frequents boat tours are suitable since they are accessible. Opposite Puerto is a beach bearing the European flag. Each Saturday morning is a market day.


This is the earliest metropolitan city in Andalusia and holds extraordinary character. It is situated in the far South of Spain. However, it is separated from Africa by Gibraltar and the city is hilly. Towards North East are ranges of mountains like Algodonales la Mota whilst in the South are sierras of Aljibe.

Maybe Cadiz is tantamount to the sea and so it is to wine too. Sanlucar de Barramede is a joining spot for the river and the sea. Puerto de Santa Maria is identical to the beach and has perfect vineyards. Tarifa, Conil and Barbate are famous for fine sands, fishing, pine trees and the shoreline. Almost at Gibraltar, the pastures are fresh, hence dairy farming is popular. Famous wines, horses and bulls have their origin here. As a testimony to the old conservative Andalusia, farm houses and vineyards are a common sight.

Cadiz hill cannot be ignored. The “route of the white villages” is an amazing tour via a wonderful world with areas such as Arco de la Frontera and many others famous for leatherwork. The boggy routes are many standing out at the prospect of salt pyramids of San Fernando and Puerto’s salt mine, the white country houses and the villages.

Canary Island is reachable via Cadiz by means of a ship. Starting at Algiers, use a ship to Ceuta and Morocco. Jerez airport provides means of transport to key Spanish towns.


The Malaga beaches of the Mediterranean Sea occupy 150 km. It has an advantage due to its mountainous nature with tiny charming cities and beautiful beaches presenting suitable topography enticing the tourists.


Although faced with a tourism attack, this coastal city has victoriously maintained its pueblo magic and nature.


Talk of sparkling waters, amazing beaches and main water sports - Nerja takes pride in it all with 16 km of beaches.


Attracts tourists due to the spectacular rocks. Strategically located at the tail of Iberian vakantiewoning spanje Peninsula facing the Straits of Gibraltar and connected to Spain by a thin peninsula. Despite being a diminutive town, it is magnificent and its inhabitants are Spanish, Indians, Moroccans and Gibraltarians. Apes are a common sight here.

San Pedro de Alcántara

Perfect position, only 10 km west from every charm of Marbella and still only a short drive from the pure prettiness of sierra de Ronda mountainous ranges. In earlier days, this was a farming society especially for sugarcane but now San Pedro is a revitalizing pure pueblo with a unique character.

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Spain offers numerous opportunities and vakantiewoning spanje you select for all popular regional vacation : villa moraira , Costa Blanca , Costa Maresme , the most beautiful vakantiehuizen tossa de mar destinations in Spain.And you can also read my other articles on Robin Hood Article 1 & Robin Hood Article 2 and also read my blog Robin Hood Blogs.

Valencia Parks

Valencia is a household name when all is narrowed down to gorgeous and stunning garden parks. Taking a leisurely walk while admiring the outstanding beauty exhibited by a number of avenues within and in the outer reaches of the city of Valencia, you will come across a number of thriving vegetative gardens. The gardens are home to an assortment of species of flora that catch the attention of the untamed members of the animal and bird kingdom which turn out to be easy to get along with. The precincts form archetypal locations for relaxation away from the bustling prevalent in the city of Valencia under the earthly paradise created by nature.

The Botanical Gardens of Valencia

Dating back to the 19th century, the gardens were relocated to their present day location, i.e. Huerto De Tramoyeres in the year 1802. The most important institution involved in reconstructing the park is the Valencia University which provided funds and advice to those relevant in establishing the park. The park holds an array of plant species estimated to total to 3000. All the plants are adapted to all climatic conditions making the park have a touch of life related to all the continents. Owing to this fact, the park is unquestionably a world heritage site.

Jardines de los Reales Viveros

The name of the park is Spanish for the regal nursery precincts. The Arabic roots of the park are of great historic significance to the region. As the name of the park puts it across, the park is adorned with affluence typical to the high ranking social class. The exceptional monuments and fountainheads found in the park make it one of the most outstanding in Valencia.

The Môn forte Park

These gardens are typical to the neoclassical era dating back to the nineteenth vakantiehuis spanje century. The gardens are endowed with a number of gigantic sculptures made of marble. They also have arty creations such as water pools and cascades. While taking a leisurely walk along the shaded boulevards in the park, you will come across summerhouses which bestow the park with notable scenery.

Jardines Del Viejo Cauce Del Turia

The name of the park when translated to the English lingual connotes the precincts of the old watercourse of Turia River. The park came into being after the disastrous floods witnessed in the year 1957 which saw the diversion of the Turia River towards the southern end of the urban metropolis. The riverbed was desiccated and was transformed to a chain of parks that formed the contemporary Jardines Del Viejo Cauce Del Turia. Of all of them, the most frequented are Palacio De la Musica and the Gulliver's children's park.

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Spain offers numerous opportunities and vakantiehuis spanje you select for all popular regional vacation : villa lloret de mar , Costa Blanca , Costa Maresme , the most beautiful villa calpe destinations in Spain. And you can also read my other articles on Robin Hood Article 1 & Robin Hood Article 2 and also read my blog Robin Hood Blogs.

An Insight into Estepona

History of Estepona

The earliest remnants discovered in Estepona belonged to the Neolithic, Copper and Bronze epoch. Between the many Phoenician and Roman occupants, the Guadalmansa Estuary is worth mentioning and it perhaps belonged to the Roman city of Salduna.

Estebbuna town began in the 10th C under the sovereignty of the Caliphate of Córdoba. After the war between King Henry IV of Castille’s troops and muslims in 1456, it was totally ruined. The Catholic rulers rebuilt the walls at the start of the 16 C since Estepona was strategically positioned; they ruled with 30 homes and that is how the population grew.

Due to population intensification in 1559, it was sold to Marbella until 1729 under authority, when Philip V gave the town its licence. The population increased successfully after that and is still increasing.

The City of Estepona

Located on the Western Coast, habitual differences are sustained. Despite villa spanje being located at the front of the shoreline, it is largely in the interior of Bermejo Saw. Saw is purely beautiful and the fir forest tops it all, hence Andalusia is known as the Natural Place. Estepona is characterised by different people.

Due to astounding beaches, class of amenities and numerous services, the city attracts many tourists. The major testimonials are the Church of the Virgin of the Remedies, Tower of the Clock, lordly places and Marquess of Mondejar. For sports; there are fabulous facilities plus an opportunity to learn golf.

Visiting Estepona is of value over the festival times. They celebrate many fiestas, every single one of them with dynamism identifying Andalucia. Feria is the major one and is celebrated in the middle of August.

Holidays inclusive of everything are the best to reserve. They are cheap and effortless.

Seeing Spain from Estepona is amazing if you are touring around on train from Malaga to Barcelona. The way will lead you to the heart of Spain prior to approaching the Mediterranean Sea. While in Barcelona remember to tour the Parc Guell, for the authentic art of Gaudi. Getting entry in hotel Barcelona is easy. Most of the hotels are at the core of the city whilst only some are situated at the airport. Community transport is well managed, underground and buses crossing every part of the city.
It is a whole package of stuff to do and places to tour in Estepona. Consult your Estepona hotel or stop at the local tourism office for advice.

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Spain offers numerous opportunities and villa spanje you select for all popular regional vacation : vakantiehuizen ibiza , Costa Blanca , Costa Maresme , the most beautiful villa mallorca destinations in Spain. And you can also read my other articles on Robin Hood Article 1 & Robin Hood Article 2 and also read my blog Robin Hood Blogs.

An Insight into Marbella

Marbella is sited on the Costa del Sol. The city is synonymous with the well heeled. Nonetheless, Marbella is more of a cosmopolitan establishment with the diverse cultural heritage of the residents of the Andalucian region. Marbella hosts a number of scenic parks and other tourist attractions worth visiting. Marbella also serves authentic Spanish Cuisine in nearly all of the restaurants within its confines. Over the years, Marbella has grown to become a top tourist destination in the whole of Europe.

The Sports Hub of Marbella

Marbella is famous around the world for stunning vacation stopovers. It is a package of beaches, mountains, aged world charms and enjoyable climate.
The coastline’s sand is finest throughout. The land after the beaches is a heaven of lavishness for housing, golf courses and panoramic mountain views. As a result Marbella is occupied by the renowned and wealthy and those just travelling end up staying.

Paseo Maritimo

Its existence dates back to the Palaeolithic age. The Romans settled later and the outstanding vakantiehuizen spanje mosaics remain as evidence particularly in Las Bovedas and villa of Rio Verde.

Visigoth remnants and Vega del Mar as known by the Moors meaning “well lived in” are further monuments. The city they put up is now Marbella’s Old town with noble constructions such as Hospital Bazan and convents that have for long and safely kept the history books of the country.

Unlike today, Marbella was a mining and farming town. It was the main industry for iron in the country in the 19th C with plants in La Finca de La Concepcion and El Angel owned by Heredia and Ejiro Families, though they closed in 1931 due to rivalry from Northern Spain.

Marbella was the leader in agriculture in Andalucía. Marques Del Duero farm and El Angel were the giants engaging fully in agriculture and transforming the industry. Lastly, San Pedro Alcantara, the largest agricultural unit developed in the 19th C. The Monarch has constant fights with London Gatwick, London Luton, Manchester and Birmingham over getting Marbella from Malaga.

During your tour to Marbella through Barcelona spend some quality time at the Catalan capital. Make a reservation at a hotel next to the airport via Best Western hotel is one of the hotels and it is located only 3 km from the airport. Fira Palace Hotel is also an option for those willing to be nearer to the city center and its appealing sceneries and it is situated close to Plaza De Espana.

Celebrities and the wealthy live in Marbella. So when on tour, bumping into one of them should not take you by surprise.

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Spain offers numerous opportunities and vakantiehuizen spanje you select for all popular regional vacation : vakantiehuis costa brava , Costa Blanca , Costa Maresme , the most beautiful vakantiehuis costa blanca destinations in Spain.And you can also read my other articles on Robin Hood Article 1 & Robin Hood Article 2 and also read my blog Robin Hood Blogs.

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